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Randolph Communications Awarded 2023 Liberty Large Business of the Year

Randolph Communications Awarded 2023 Liberty Large Business of the Year

April 01, 2023

Liberty, NC – This year’s recipient for the large business of the year goes to a business that NOT ONLY LISTENS TO ITS CUSTOMERS BUT HEARS WHAT THEY ARE SAYING!! This recipient serves 8 counties and has been in business for over 68 years. They have been recognized by NTCA -The rural broadband Association, as a gig-certified provider for delivering gigabit broadband speeds and enabling technological innovations in the areas they serve. At the same time, this recipient has been designated as a Smart Rural Community Provider by NTCA.

This business truly cares about the community it serves and demonstrates that by giving back in various ways. Each year they hold an annual food drive to help people in need as well as fund an FRS community grant program allowing local high school students an opportunity for a scholarship.

Celebrating the holidays wouldn't be the same without our Annual Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony and thanks to this generous company we were able to get our tree prepared for the big day. They were the ones who provided the large boom truck AND manpower to put up our town's beautiful Christmas Tree Lights so that we could celebrate this past year. As if they weren’t gracious enough, by giving us that enormous helping hand, this business is also always sponsoring any event we host.

This recipient is also an important part of the day-to-day operations of our Chamber as they make sure they always have a representative sitting on our board. They graciously give up time that their employee could be working for them, so that their employees, can represent their business and work tirelessly for our community and the growth of all our local businesses.

Our community is definitely a better place to live and work because of this business, they truly communicate that they care about our community. We are proud to announce that the Large Business of the Year award was given to Randolph Communications!

"We were honored to be awarded the 2023 Liberty Large Business of the Year Award at the recent Liberty Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet”, stated Kim Garner, CEO & General Manager for Randolph Communications. “Randolph Communications is proud to serve Liberty with advanced communication and information technology services; and, we are privileged to support the many activities and events the community hosts each year for its citizens and visitors. Thank you for this distinguished award.

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